4th Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena

We are happy to announce the 4th Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena on Sunday, September 20th at 4 pm CET (that's 5 pm in Moscow, and 9 am in Mexico City).

Tournament for all the kids, coaches and titled players of our team, with special guests WIM Vantika Agrawal.

Spanish commentary by Universo Ajedrecístico
English broadcast by IM Nico Zwirs

100 players in the race and a boy born in 2008 on the top step of the podium! Congratulations to @Hattori123 for today's victory and thanks to Vantika Agrawal @chiyabuddha, Nico Zwirs @FirstKnight and Roxangel Obregón García @plebeya for playing.

A great performance also for @LuisAngelajedrecista of Arriba Peru team that on Saturday 26th will play for the first time in Division A - and for @ssear of Wolfpack Slovakia team.

Thanks to the Universo Ajedrecistico Team, @taniamiranda, @sandorosky and @michel12345, for the live broadcast - Don't miss the 2nd Festival Mundial De La Juventud!

... and of course thanks to all those who played. The next U16 tournament is, as I wrote above, scheduled for Saturday 26, while the next Blitz will be on Tuesday 6 October.

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