3rd Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena

We are happy to announce the 3rd Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena on Tuesday, August 18 at 6 pm CET (that's 7 pm in Moscow, and 11 am in Mexico City).

Tournament for all the kids, coaches and titled players of our team, with special guests IM Nico Zwirs and former European U16 Champion Francesco Sonis.

Spanish commentary by Universo Ajedrecístico

Please note! For this tournament, as for the main event on Saturday 29th, there will be a special collaboration with Forward Chess - - more details later on.

We can finally announce the two players to have won the blitz tournament prize, offered in collaboration with Forward Chess -

They are @paulachess2006 of the Mexico Jovenas Promesas team coached by @taniamiranda and @panza1977 of the FVA SUB 16 team coordinated by @IA-FI-Geber

The prizes are offered by two coaches who want to remain anonymous and are:
Mastering Positional Sacrifices
Grandmasters Chess Strategies

Once again I would like to thank all those who collaborated in the organization, all the coaches and the Masters who played and congratulations to @coluichenontiaspetti for the magnificent performance!

The main event returns this Saturday at the usual time:

‼️ Please note ‼️
The collaboration with Forward Chess is also planned for the tournament on Saturday 29th - We have a 25% discount on all books for 3 hours from the start of the tournament, visit, coupon code: WORLDWIDE

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