Team Battle - Test Run

Dear everyone...

Happy new year...

The idea of running a weekly online club tournament has been discussed, and it seems most people (everyone I asked) feel it's a good idea. So I'm thinking we should do a test run tournament (lichess calls them "Team Battles"), with a view to making it a regular thing, if there's enough interest.

We can try different formats, but I propose we start out with 5 minute blitz games, and a tournament duration of 50 minutes. I imagine we'd get in around 5 games each that way.

Lichess organises all the matching up etc; we just need to arrange a day / time that suits for most of us.

I'm thinking Sundays, 7:00pm. Does that work for you? If not, please suggest an alternative. We should go with whatever works for the most people though.

So far, we have 7 people in this lichess team. Myself, Daniel, Tom, Danny, Peter, Stephen, Brendan. I'll also mention this in the whatsapp group, but if there is anyone else we should invite, please do so (they'll obviously need to join lichess though).

Please confirm if the day / time I suggested (Sundays, 7:00pm) is good, or not so good for you. Or if you have any other suggestions, please just reply to this thread.

Kind regards,

Happy New Year to you as well! I'm glad you won the other night.
To cut to the quick-I'm all for this in principle, but I don't know how you're ever going to find a time to suit me!?
I can't play at 7 p.m. any evening and I don't think anybody else is going to like playing at 1.00 in the morning! Sunday afternoons might be a possibility but not the next two weekends. Do carry on without me, if you get enough takers.
All best,

Hi Peter.

Sunday afternoons would be okay for me; but not too early (normally I do a long run on Sunday morning, and take some time to recover).

Getting enough takers is the real issue though. So far, it's potentially 4 of us (me, Danny, Daniel, Brendan). I'll need to get my friendly persuasion hat on!

How did it go at the Abbey on Monday? How did our A Team perform against Aughton? Also, did Jim and Jordon turn up?

All the best,

Abbey was fine-I played games against Jim-Jordan didn't come. I didn't really watch the A team-I think it was a close run thing. I don't know why the result hasn't been posted. Best of luck with persuasion!


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