Wild Vikings Rapid I tournament

Hi guys

We managed to have a tournament as a test run here within the team. We had 6 players play at various times in the tournament, which was a rapid time control, 5+5 and results can be shown at

Challonge will probably be our choice to host a big classical tournament, at least when it comes to organising pairings. Thanks to all the guys who played. We'll hopefully join in greater numbers next time.

As an afterthought; How often should we have those rapid tournaments and what time controls would you like to see. I'm quite partial to 8+8, since that is short enough to pass quickly, but has enough increment to have a chance to play a decent game of chess. Any other ideas??

15 minutes per player is what I usually see in local tournaments. I was playing in a Romanian tournament not so long ago and the time control was 10+3. Some people prefer 10 minutes. These time controls are the ones I see the most when it comes to rapid chess. @TomasThrainsson

Thanks for the input @Dario19503
I reckon we can experiment a lot here, as we're not bound by anything really, apart from me having this hangup against the bullet and blitz games lol

I'm all for longer games!

But at the same time I also liked the 60 minute total tournament time,
which is probably considered short by most people...

Experimenting sounds like the way to go :)

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