Tournament on 29th of November, starting at around 20:30 UTC

Hey guys

As I had been hinting at before my short vacation, we're going to try having a tournament on Friday night as mentioned in the title. It would be great if you guys signed up for our Challonge community at:

Additionally, if you could sign up for the tournament as well at:

The next tournament will be better organised I hope, and that one will be within the community, thus easier to find.

At least notify us here who is going to play in the tournament. The plan is 5 rounds Swiss format.

In case of shared first place, we'll have to set up armageddon games to work out the eventual winners.
White will get 10 minutes, Black will get 8 minutes and draw odds. That means white will have to win to either proceed or win outright. Black will win in case of a draw.

So what are you waiting for guys, let's go. I'll be streaming games from the tournament, thus probably not playing myself. I just want to make sure people get it off the ground.

Good luck everybody

BTW. it will be classical games, 25+15 and draws will be made on Challonge and then ported over to here. Those drawn together will have to challenge each other with correct colours and time controls.

So now I've figured out how to connect the community and tournament, so just going to the community and signing up there will ensure quick access to tournament registration. Just make sure you're using the same userID as you're using here on Lichess, to avoid complications :)

That's a shame my friend. I was hoping that Friday night was something that would suit everyone who isn't going to go out drinking like crazy. Still, we're going to have loads of tournaments in the future, so don't sweat it

I'd like to join this first tournament, please!
Woop woop!

Challonge username is now the same as here, tors42

So here's a call to all members of the Wild Vikings

@soonchan @wky @jonnnyboy2000
@onceapawnagambit64 @andrewsko @unclevinny @marenno2 @teehee1 @chessyboy123 @theford @vakeesh @tigertrap500
@louisv2000 @janb-janb @fouhad42 @schittering06 @mattcat2000 @itsame @aion @peano724 @alenbasic @spaitz @Dario19503 @pushedpawn @herobrine17 @orsito

Any who have the time to take part, or even if not, please let us know before 1900 UTC on Friday what your availability is. It will help us for future events. So come on guys, let's give this a roll :)

hi Tomas, tonight is not a good night for me to play a tourney, I'm really sorry.