Creating a tournament.

Hey guys. I've been looking into creating a viable tournament for our team, a team battle of sorts. Since Lichess is not going to implement any kind of different tournament format than the Arena format anytime soon, then we have to figure out something else. I've been taking a look at and it looks like a decent place to set up a competition.

Does anybody have any experience in using this site for setting up tournaments of any kind??

hello tomas, after a nap, i'm back! you could ask jonnyboy of katg about his experience. he set up some kind of champions league at the challonge site but it stopped half way through. orsito

I haven't tried to create a tournament myself with Challonge,
but that's the site that the tournament director of a pool tournament I play is using.

So it has my blessing, for what it's worth :)

Good to hear @tors42
I've just signed up for an account there, so I'll be having a look once I get better time to get it done.

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