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hehehem i'm also going to make a team European Antichess League. but it says: you've already made one this week. try another day xD. i'm waiting ahah

TEACHER:- "Today Sania is eating grass.., Now tell it in future tense..."
Sardar:-"Tomorrow Sania will definatly give MILK...!

A priest is walking down the street one day when he notices a very small boy trying to press a doorbell on a house across the street.
However, the boy is very small and the doorbell is too high for him to reach.
After watching the boy's efforts for some time, the priest moves closer to the boy's position.
He steps smartly across the street, walks up behind the little fellow and, placing his hand kindly on the child's shoulder leans over and gives the doorbell a solid ring.
Crouching down to the child's level, the priest smiles benevolently and asks, "And now what, my little man?"
To which the boy replies, "Now we run!"

lol i remember ding-dong-ditching the mean neighbors with my friends when i was younger :P except instead of ringing the doorbell and running... wed ring the doorbell and run to our bikes and hop onto them and pedal as fast as we could away... lol they never caught us... *sigh* good times :P

lol ... Are you Old now ... lol you are still Younger Aww.. :P

People ... Joining team and not writing anything has NO MEANING ... if you have joined you should Write something ....