LVCA Online Tournament 10 a.m. Tomorrow (on

From Bruce Davis:

[6/26, 8:42 PM] Bruce Davis: 🙂 🙏 👍
[6/26, 8:42 PM] Bruce Davis: 10 am tomorrow, June 27, the will be a Chess tournament at 10 am of up to 5 rounds with the Lehigh Valley Chess ChessKid accounts.

I have 5 players or more guaranteed to show up
[6/26, 8:43 PM] Bruce Davis: Tell them to Login and go to the LVCA Grandmasters Chess Club.

Then join the tournament at Play/Play a Kid
[6/26, 8:44 PM] Bruce Davis: Please Confirm you will assist in getting the word out and get back to me if you will be so kind.
🙂 🙏 👍

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