VoteChess Suggestions

Suggestion: Add variant support!

It shouldn't be too hard for 3-check, KOTH, Horde, and Atomic.

However, there may be some problems with ZH and Antichess, (ZH: drops, Antichess: promoting to king) but it'd be really cool if at least some variant support could be added :)

1) Add variants, it should be easy to add at least those that have the same rules as chess, but different termination conditions (three-check, king of the hill).
2) Add command /wait so that the voters can cancel some voted blunder and think a bit more. If /wait wins or ties for the first place, no move is made and the bot waits for the next voting iteration.
3) /resign should work only if it is unanimous, or maybe with some big quota like 80% of voters. The same for the /draw offers, claims and accepts.
4) Improve move parser: make it case-insensitive and understanding shorthand pawn captures (like 'ab').
5) If there is one legal move, the bot should move instantly and not waste time.

VoteChess reminds me of "Team Games" on FICS ( However I see a distinct difference with VoteChess:

As typical to lichess, it usually gets to participate in fast games. So only about 15 seconds could be given to conclude on the move.

In contrast, there are plenty of slow chess at FICS, so teams typically have plenty of time to discuss and conclude on a move. This is a very interesting part as we could learn from each other.

So my suggestion of VoteChess is this:

Let VoteChess to participate only in slow games. This way, VoteChess could allow sufficient time for users to discuss and conclude on a move (or multiple moves going for voting).

For the future, this could be the beginning of team games on lichess. That is, two teams playing each other. Each team have a private channel to discuss and conclude on a move. VoteChess makes the most voted move on each side.

Add a command to cancel ones vote, perhaps anything starting with "/x".
I had some ideas to change the voting system completely, utilizing "slow down" and "hurry up" votes and a different timing scheme, I will post more details when I think it through more.

@AbsoluteMadness I think you have some good suggestions. However, with regard to your suggestion that the move parser be made case-insensitive, this could introduce ambiguity in cases where, say, bxc3 (pawn takes c3) and Bxc3 (bishop takes c3) are both available moves. However, this is the only case I can think of... so perhaps the parser could be case-insensitive for everything else.

Hi there, I'm new to this discussion on lichess and to this group, so I just hope my suggestions won't get me kicked out again right away ;-)
What appeals to me in votechess is the possibility to actually discuss and analyse the moves before playing them - this can be so much more rewarding in terms of training efficiency. For this reason I'd like to suggest votechess in a correspondence setting with two teams playing each other at a 2 - 5 days per move time control, using private forums to discuss the moves and ideally agree on a move or at least narrow down the choice.
I used to play this way a lot on another site I'm not going to mention here and enjoyed it a lot, but lichess is soo much cooler and I'd really appreciate this kind of votechess happening here!

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