Revive VoteChess!

Just a lack of challenges. Probably the best thing to boost its popularity is for someone with a lot of followers to challenge it. I've been lazy with implementing the suggestions too, that may help.

I might do a stream in the weekend playing VoteChess, if people would actually vote lol

Yeah, do it. I am really sad when I challenge VoteChess and there are no spectators.

It is also sad to be playing alone on the vote side, it is effectively playing one-on-one with time odds skewed very heavily against the vote side, which makes it hard to play good moves.
The team is healthy when there are at least two or three "active players" voting on moves, and perhaps a few occasional voters and kibitzers to make it more fun for everyone (as long as they don't rashly vote for bad moves).
Unfortunately, we appear to have lost the "critical mass".

I have an idea: what if we schedule VoteChess match times to maximize player count? We can decide on the match times and post them here in a stickied team thread and on the main forum.

Maybe that will get the ball rolling again.

I will play Saturday at 14.00 GMT for about 2 hours.
Just in case you wanted to know :)