Question About The VAT

Who is considered when deciding who wins? The players in this team, or every player on Lichess?

If it's for everyone on Lichess, I think it would be a nice surprise for someone to see a message that he won $50 in a contest he didn't even know about XD

I talked about this with Fischy earlier, he said that every player qualifies.

Oh, and something else, I saw that weighted formula Fischy is using, and I realized there's a way to unfairly use the formula to gain more points.

I could play very long time controls against very low rated players. I beat them in 5 moves, and the games end much sooner. So you could play a lot of games with long time control in a short period of time. Shouldn't the opponent's rating also be a factor?

Hmm... perhaps. Please discuss that with Fischy - I will recalculate if needed.

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