πŸ”Ή rules for the leaders πŸ”Ή

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1. No Spamming, much spamming, and many advertisements can lead to removal from leaders.

2. Leaders must create a tournament, whenever ordered, you can keep any prizes you want, just not to mishandle the players.

3. Do not kick ANY member or ANY leader out of the team, without the permission of the team owner (PGCSP).

4. You can message the team at any time you want, try to make shorter messages, and easy to read.

5. You can add the team in any battle.

6. Try to bring at least 50 players in your tournament.

7. Any 1 leader, daily has to advertise the 5 USD tournaments happening Monday to Friday, of the team:

8. Do not make any new leader until PGCSP and other leaders accept him for the leadership.

9. Your tournament's title should contain your username or your username's abbreviation.

10. Message the team whenever there is a big battle.

11. Do not send unnecessary messages to the team, warnings can be issued if you violate the rule.

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