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Let’s help each other out with chess, we can analyse our games here, together with everyone else in the team.

@jaychamp ,you should have played h6 to prevent the pin, which resulted in the Attack.(The first game)

Not to forget the punctuality of castling.

@jaychamp @Vertonghen #1
With "preventative" measures such as move 5 ... h6 I would not advise you to rush. White has not yet made a short castling and may launch a pawn attack on the position of the black king. Then pawn h6 can become an object of attack. 5 ... Be7 the best move! Blacks can develop further in the spirit of the Defense of Henem.
P.S. Of course, in the game #1 move 6 ... gf a mistake - the black queen is constrained by the protection of the pawn and cannot enter the game.

But I won in the 2nd post , My first game .

@Vertonghen #8
I see my goal as not teaching how openings, but I want to show how an ordinary amateur, using the base of games and Stockfish, can know the same thing that the masters know. You are welcome.