Rules of Procedure

Article 1: Participation

The tournament is reserved for members of Club Asnières Le Grand Echiquier and its partners.

Article 2: Elo rating

The elo Fide or national rapid rating otherwise will be used on the pairings software.

The tournament being online and not homologated it will not be modified at the end of it.

It may be different from the one shown on lichess.

Article 3: Information of the tournament

1) Registration

registration deadline Friday, July 3.

The player wishing to register must provide:
 his firstname and surname
 his lichess username
 join the Sogeres Trophy team on lichess
 a mobile number to join the WhatsApp group (which will be used to transmit the results and receive the pairings)
 When you register you will be invited to a WhatsApp group. It will be used to send your result to the referee and to receive the appearances.

2) Place of the tournament platform

3) Tournament times

The tournament consists of 9 rounds it will start at 12:45 p.m. on zoom with a welcome speech:

Round 1: 1:00 p.m.
Round 2: 1:40 p.m.
Round 3: 2:20 p.m.
Round 4: 3 p.m.
Round 5: 3:40 p.m.
Round 6: 4:40 p.m.
Round 7: 5:20 p.m.
Round 8: 6 p.m.
Round 9: 6:40 p.m.

Prize-giving: 7:40 p.m.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the round schedule to ensure the best performance of the tournament


Article 4: Course of the games

1) Cadence

The rounds are fought at the Fischer 10’+ 3s / move.

2) Applicable game rules

The rules applied are those of the 88th FIDE Congress held in Goynuk (Antalya, Turkey) and adopted by the FIDE office in Athens, as well as Appendix A.4 for quick games.

Players who challenge each other on an online site must therefore be particularly vigilant to verify that they are playing against the right opponent (pseudo) at the right pace with the right colours.

3) launch of online games

Players will receive the devices indicating the pseudo of their future opponent on WhatsApp.
The driver of the whites will have to challenge his opponent on the site in the indicated pace (10 ’+ 3s / move)

they will all be part of the Sogeres Trophy team.

It is more than recommended to practice before the tournament begins to avoid any concerns during the tournament.

4) Intervention of the arbitrator

In the event of a dispute, the score displayed by lichess will prevail.

The players are invited to consult the referee for any questions regarding the rules or the procedure also to resolve any conflict.

5) end of the tournament

The top 3 player in the final ranking are invited to come to the zoom comments at the end of the last round to discuss with the organization and the partners.


Article 5: Results

Winning players (the white driver in a draw) must announce their results via the WhatsApp app to the referee.

In one of these forms

lichess username table xx: wins
lichess username table xx: 1-0
lichess username table xx: null

The lack of results will result in a double defeat for the players.


Article 6: Forfeiting

Any player absent from the chessboard for a period of 10 minutes and 3 seconds after starting his pendulum will lose the game by forfeit:
 Any player forfeiting without warning the arbitrator will not be matched to the next round.
 Any player committing two forfeiting (consecutive or not) will be excluded from the tournament.

In case of disconnection leaves time to reconnect and resume the game
otherwise the game will be saved as lost.

Article 7: Pairings and Rankings

1) Program

The pairings and rankings are carried out using the Papi 3.3.6 program.

2) System

The pairings will be made in the Swiss system (C.04 FIDE rules).

3) individual ranking

The final ranking is made according to the number of points accumulated by the player:
 Victory: 1 point
 Draw: ½ point
 Defeat: 0 point

In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker is made in the following order:
 Buchholz
 Performance

Article 8: Prizes

The prizes are individual and not cumulative: they are awarded to the player with the best tie in the event of equality of ranking points.

Each player will receive the most important prize to which they are entitled, but in the case of prizes of equal amounts, the order of priority will be as follows:
 General classification award
 Price by Elo category

This tournament will have the following general prizes:

1st: 700 euros, 2nd: 500 euros, 3rd: 300 euros, 4th: 150 euros and 5th: 100 euros

1st Woman: 250 euros 2nd: 100 euros

1st young: 1 internship offered in Asnières (under 16 years old)

1st player under 2200: Free membership to Asnières 2020/2021 (+ license)

The organizer reserves the right to award in addition other special prices

Article 9: Electronic devices and cheats

As the tournament takes place online, everyone’s fair play will be limited to the single use of their computer to log in and play on the platform.

the games will be monitored by the organizers to fight against cheating

Any player being detected as a cheater or using a chess program will be excluded from the tournament

Comments will take place live on zoom it is forbidden for any player playing in the round to join the comments (they can only be joined once the game is over) otherwise this will lead to disqualification


Article 10: Arbitrators

Main Arbitrator: Pierre LARIVIERE


Article 11: Jury of Appeal

In the event of disagreement with an arbitrator's decision, any player may appeal to the Jury of Appeal.
The request must be made in writing immediately after the end of the game and before the publication of the next round.
The written request for appeal will be attached to the technical report of the tournament.
The Jury of Appeal is chaired by the organizer of the tournament and is composed of the main Arbitrator and three players designated during round 1.
Its decisions are sovereign.

Article 12: Commitment

All participants agree to comply with these Internal Rules (IR).

The behaviors of the players must not bring the competition into disrepute and must be in accordance with the Chess Player Charter correct behaviors is required.

The Main Arbitrator: The Organizer:

Pierre LARIVIERE Jean-Claude Moingt

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