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Welcome to the Theory Heads forum!
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First of all, thank you by the invitation! I had created a similar team in some time ago, and i had created lots of tournaments, correspondence ones between members. Some games where analysed by members. And here, what are your ideas for the club?

Thank you fonsecasf! I would like for this team to be a sounding board for any kind of theoretical chess discussion. Some ideas would be: analyzing our own games, posting recent grandmaster games and analyzing them, discussing whether moves are sound or dubious in a given position, general discussion of opening theory (and endgame theory) and playing in tournaments between members.

I will also say that every team member has an equal voice. If you want to do something specific just let me know and we'll do it!

Thanks for your early membership. I appreciate your patience as we gain more members.


Furthermore if you play in any OTB tournaments in your free time please feel welcome to share your games with the team!

Also a warm welcome to new member @HommeSaoul!

Hi team! I wanted to share with you an interesting game played between Wesley So and Boris Gelfand at the 2014 Weik an Zee Tata Steel tournament. This is a great and relatively little-known knight maneuver in the opening of the Old Sicilian where White plays Nf3 - Nd2 - Nf1 - Ne3 to assert more dominance over the critical d5 square. Have you encountered this before? What do you think?

Thanks for the welcome @mheadley!

I was reading Reassess your chess from Silman and in the knight chapter he actually talks about such maneuver, since knight are slow pieces, maximizing their value is not always easy.

Interesting game, will post one later.

i'm unfamiliar with sicilian, but i have to make such moves sometimes. My games tend do be closed ones, so losing tempos are not a big deal most of the time. I don't recall see this in sicilian tho.

A warm welcome to new member Xonus!

Also, I will be playing in an OTB tournament this weekend... I'll share some of my games and opening ideas here soon and we can discuss!

As always if you notice an interesting game (or play one yourself) please share it here and we can look at it.

I liked very much to play this game here. May not be the most well played game, but i was uneasy playing it, despite feel i had advantage.

There are a couple of tatics i spot that my opponent were threatning, like an axe over my head if i played less accurate moves.

Very nice game fonsecasf! This is a good example of the intermezzo or intermediate move... instead of recapturing a piece immediately you looked for tactical opportunities and found them!

The K.I.D. is a great defense for Black. Is this what you usually reply to 1.d4?