Saturday Blitz Tournys

Saturdays are the best time for me to play, as they are 100% my day off, so I'm starting a weekly Saturday blitz tourney. For the first one, Time is set for 5pm UTC (1pm EST) this Saturday. I'll schedule something each week, though not necessarily the same time. I can be flexible.

Time control is 3+0 for this one, though we can adjust in the future if we want faster/slower.

Hopefully some of you can make it. See you then.

Good idea. I can't make this one, as I'm out all day, but hope to make some others.

I ... don't think I put a password on it...

Wow. Um, try "asdf", which is my go-to test password. If not, well, your guess is as good as mine. Actually, my autofill may have put my own password here, which for obvious reasons I won't be sharing. Is there no way to change tournament settings? I can't find any...

Maybe just delete the tournament and open a new one?

I'm tentatively scheduling the next Saturday tourny at the same time.

I just realized that this is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so I cannot move this any later (and there's a chance I just can't play ...). For other Saturdays, I can adjust the time. Let me know if this time is okay (UTC 5pm, EST 1pm) or if you'd prefer later/earlier. I'd have no problem having one week start 4 hours earlier, another week 4 hours later, etc, if it means more people can get a game in.

Alternatively, if these weekend tournaments don't gain much traction, I can just make myself available at certain times and play a mini-match with whoever is online, to chat and analyze the games afterwards.

I'm going to have a crack at one of your 4am bangers, but if you could make a later one in the future that'd help me out.

I'll tell you one thing, after being pummelled by Smithy my chess brain was so warmed up that a nice 6 game win streak in putzer-level rapid was inevitable.

Thanks for the games Smithy, I appreciate your patience and thoughts. I know I'm not ready for short time controls yet, it sets my error-rate into overdrive, but I'd always welcome more educational games.

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