Swiss Competition Commencement Tuesday the 6th October 2020 at 7.15

Our Thanet and East Kent League Swiss Competition is intended to commence on Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 7.15.
The competition will be entered on our league / club page by Friday 2nd October.
If you have any views / comments please contact Andrew Flood before midday friday
Members are asked to join the competition before Tuesday 6th October please.
Tuesday has been selected as it appears the most well attended evenings
There will be 7 rounds at weekly intervals.
The intended time control is to be 40 minutes plus 10 second increments
There will be 2 champions
a) An overall winner and Champion by virtue of accumulating the most points (1 point to be awarded for a win)
b) The person who accumulates the most Lichess grading points over the 7 rounds
The Lichess platform will be used with rules as follows

When to use swiss tournaments instead of arenas?
In a swiss tournament, all participants play the same number of games, and can only play each other once.
It can be a good option for clubs and official tournaments.

How are points calculated?
A win is worth one point, a draw is a half point, and a loss is zero points.
When a player can't be paired during a round, they receive a bye worth one point.

How are tie breaks calculated?
With the Sonneborn–Berger score.
Add the scores of every opponent the player beats and half of the score of every opponent the player draws.

How are pairings decided?
With the Dutch system, implemented by bbPairings in accordance with the FIDE handbook.

What happens if the tournament has more rounds than players?
When all possible pairings have been played, the tournament will be ended and a winner declared.

Why is it restricted to teams?
Swiss tournaments were not designed for online chess. They demand punctuality, dedication and patience from players.
We think these conditions are more likely to be met within a team than in global tournaments.

How many byes can a player get?
A player gets a bye of one point every time the pairing system can't find a pairing for them.
Additionally, a single bye of half a point is attributed when a player late-joins a tournament.

What happens if a player doesn't play a game?
Their clock will tick, they will flag, and lose the game.
Then the system will withdraw the player from the tournament, so they don't lose more games.
They can re-join the tournament at any time.

Can players late-join?
Yes, until half the rounds have been played.
Late joiners get a single bye, even if they missed several rounds.

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