Game Analysis

Even though I know nobody is gonna use this, we might as well have a "Game Analysis" topic for about three weeks, which then gets closed as a result of nobody using it. But hey, if you really want, post a game here and the rest of us will mock you for your blund- uh, I mean, we will provide "constructive" criticism.

Speaking of blunders that deserve mocking, I totally castled on the CAPTCHA rather than checkmating the opponent's king.

@Vertonghen :16...Re1?? was a massive blunder. Re4! and white is winning.
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@Kanaan92: Black is clearly winning before a bug forced him to lose the game. Note how your knight was pinned, as well as black's superior pawn structure.
In other words...YOU FOOL!
(in all honesty, nice checkmate via Botez gambit. I do find it curious that he played the opening he did; a6 should really be followed by b5, allowing the fianchettoing of the bishop and preventing Bb5 and Bc4. He clearly should read more of my work on openings.)

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