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Yay! This will be the timetable for the tournaments. At least I hope so. I am probably not going to be posting the schedules, but it feels nice to start off the forum. Can't wait to play in these tournies!


At least for major ones i hope. No need to schedule small tournaments. I hope we can actually start a league soon!

what we gonna do

Ok, let's start the 1st league sign-ups! There is the Open, U1900 and U1500. You can play up in sections. The following things you need to say if you want to join: I want to join, if you want rated or casual, Your choosing section and the time control you want. We will wait a day or 2 after we have 10 players and start making pairings, I will play some of them. I am playing the first one! Sign-ups here!

What are the time controls? I would pick a time control if I knew what they were.

I want to join, I want to play rated, Open section,

Pretty much anything from 2-25 minutes.

Rated, Under 1500

3 min

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