What might we use lichess for?

See for Lichess help on running an online chess club.

Lichess supports tournaments which are restricted to members of a team. The tournaments have:
- a fixed duration (e.g. one hour but it can be longer or shorter) rather than a set number of rounds. Players just keep on playing until time is called; players won’t necessarily play the same number of games.
- a fixed time limit for each game (e.g. five minutes per player though it can be faster and it can be slower; increments are available).
- automatic pairings - when a group of players is ready to be paired the players are paired with others of a similar rating (when a tournament kicks off) or who have a similar score (after kick off).

Other tournaments types such as with Swiss pairings and a fixed number of rounds are possible but these have to be organised manually.

There’s support for matches against other teams.

There’s what looks like a rather neat simultaneous exhibition facility. Entries can be restricted to members of a team. All games can be displayed on a single webpage. The simultaneous giver can have more (or less) start time than the participants. I think I’ve read that the software determines which game the simultaneous-giver focuses on next by the amount of time remaining (i.e. the next game to have focus is the one that’s most time-critical). Perhaps some of our stronger players could give simuls?

There’s a study facility: any player can set up a study and invite others to join. Perhaps this could be used – in combination with Discord - for some talks?

There’s a forum facility for discussion and which might be used, among other things, for FAQs and to set out ‘house rules’.

Right...looks like I can now comment on the forum - after a qualification period of some sort.
For my money going for (one or more) regular 'Club Nights' has merit: would build momentum as people realise that's where the action is. Could arrange activities accordingly.
I have just joined WhatsApp (never thought I would do social media) - it's merit in the current context is that is would enable us (if we all signed up) to check out who is available to play, or intending to go to the club night.

On something completely different: has anyone done any of the training puzzles, and been mystified why their answers are wrong?
Shame about the candidates, just as MVL was getting into his stride.


In answer to Martin's question "has anyone done any of the training puzzles, and been mystified why their answers are wrong?":

Yes, but on checking the solutions with an engine I've so far always found that I missed something and the puzzle answer was the only correct solution.

There have been a few puzzles where I felt my solution was legitimate, though I never check with engines.

One example of that... I saw the tactic to win a piece, but the approved solution was the same as mine but with an apparently pointless extra check just before taking the piece. As far as I could tell the check did nothing except maybe push the opponent’s king to a slightly worse square.

Btw we probably need to start separate threads for different topics or the forum will become confusing.

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