Problems with Training Problems

Starting a new thread/topic as Jagdip suggested.

The reason why I am sometimes frustrated by the training exercises is that the reply to the key move often appears to me to be suboptimal. But it is only when that rubbish move is played by lichess, and you refute it by playing the 2nd approved move, that you are deemed to have solved the exercise.

Am I right in thinking that the positions are taken from actual lichess games: if so, beware - one of your brilliances may appear one day. Or one of your blunders.

I believe they are taken from lichess games and selected by computer without human involvement.

So the opponent’s reply in the puzzle is whatever the computer deems least bad. If reply A is met by a brilliant sequence leading to a hard to see mate and reply B is a dumb thing that immediately loses massive material, the computer makes you show what you’ve got vs reply B and never makes you demonstrate the hard to find mate vs reply A.

This means the puzzles do leave a lot to be desired compared to ones that have been carefully chosen by a human for instructive or entertainment value.

I agree that sometimes the replies are not the most testing.

That said I find most of the puzzles quite testing with unusual solutions.

(And yes, all puzzles are taken from games played on lichess - the player names show top left.)

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