Discord Server

Hi All,
Just a reminder that we have a discord server for members, grab the application from for Windows, Mac and Linux or from your favourite mobile app store and create an account.
Invite link below, join and a mod will give access to the channels.


Alan... is it a good idea to share the link in a place visible to everyone?

Aren’t you inviting all those bots you were worried about?

A question: I appreciate Discord is a useful tool for text and voice communication but how might it be used with lichess or in other non-lichess ways by the club?

A few areas where I think Discord could assist:
- as a general chat facility (by comparison, email is clunky for this);
- for discussion of a study position, especially if someone is leading the discussion (when the voice facility might be used - though maybe only by the talk-giver, to avoid people talking over each other); and
- for commentary by someone giving a simul.

What have I missed?

Also, I think it's worth pointing out that we need to be considerate of the fact that some of our team members are juniors.

Uptake of Discord by club members has been quite low so far, so I am wondering if a) there is much demand for this sort of thing at all, and b) whether it might be better to use tools that are more widely known such as Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

Discord can be useful for anything that involves people communicating together by text or voice, either one on one, or in groups. For example it could be used for having a post-mortem with your opponent, coaching someone, or hanging out in small groups in between rounds of a tournament.

The latter shows one of the main benefits of Discord over other tools, as you can imagine several voice conversations going on at the same time, with people free to move back and forth between them as they like, much like they do in the room at a physical gathering.

Another possibility is to use it instead of this very forum. Some advantages are that it is fully private, you can upload images and documents, and you can get notifications when people post and control what notifications you want or not. Also it’s not clear if there’s any way here (lichess forum) to take something down after having posted it.

Discord also has capabilities for people to livestream their screens, though that may require the streamer to have high performance hardware and good internet upload speeds to work well.

Another thing that might be worth mentioning is that Discord is widely used when playing various other online games, and you can see which of your friends is around in what game. I would imagine some of our members would find that useful, others maybe not.

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