IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Hey guys the tournament has begun. Smooth start this time, didn't cancel!
Here is the tournament:

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Hey @ChEsSmAgEdDoN I haven't received notifications for the recent tournaments - I see that you been tagging tactix47 but I suspect the handles might be case-sensitive. Would you please update it to Tactix47? Thanks, looking forward to the next.

Hello everyone. Our next tournament will be on Tuesday the 26th of February starting at 9PM PST. This time the time control will be G/30+10, will go for 5 hours and will be rated.

Here is the tournament, please preregister now so you get notified when the tournament starts (when you are on lichess it will show a message in the top-left of your screen) :

Another important notice: I am closing the leaderboard because to be honest I think its unnecessary and a lot of work. I am quite busy so I'd prefer not to spend so much time on it. Also this group is for improving, when not really here to compete against each other but to help each other :)

Thanks for reading:
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(hopefully notifications go smoothly!)

Sounds like a great tournament format but the timing doesn't work for me. I will look out for ones on the weekends or evenings. Good luck to everyone who plays!

Okay. Now I have some time to play a tournament or two (was quite busy lately). So there go the hours in PST that work for me. 8 to 10 am PST, literally anyday. The 9PM PST could only possibly for me on Sunday or Saturday.