IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Hi guys we currently only have two people registered for our tournament, I would like a little more than that. Here is the tournament:

Let me say this again: You can preregister now and you won't have to worry about forfeiting a game because you didn't turn up on time. lichess only pairs you with someone once your on the tournament homepage so don't fear forfeiting a game.

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Hey guys our last tournament was set to be a big tournament and it would have been had it not been for a early finish. I had no control over it. I believe everyone was 'paused' on the tournament so it automatically ended the tournament. Oops! Anyway, our next tournament will be 4PM PST on Friday the 8th of February. It is going to be a G/20+10 and will go for 6 hours again! Here is the link to the tournament:

Also, points have been awarded to the leaderboard from our last tournament:

Thanks for reading:
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Hello, i would like to join future tournaments is possible.

Hey guys. I've been out all weekend so apologies for late tournament notice! Our next tournament will be on the 12th of February at 9PM PST. Here is the tournament:

Hope you can all be there :)

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Does anyone know why our tournaments are getting cancelled? I have a feeling you need a certain number of entrants which is why it is great if you guys pre-register for the tournaments, even if you don't intend on being there.