IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

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Hmm does anyone know what happened to the tournament? Anyway, the next tournament will be on at 10:00AM PST Thursday 24th of January. It will be a G/30+30 and will go for 5 hours. I will be able to make this tournament, perhaps not for the first hour though. This tournament goes towards the leaderboard so bring your best game!

Also, I believe after this tournament we have had 4 tournaments this year, and they've all been 6 hours different from each other so there should have been a time for everyone.

Anyway, here is the link to the tournament, I hope to see you there!

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A final reminder about our weekly tournament on Thursday the 24th of January at 10:00 PST (AM). Each game is 30 minutes with an extra 30 seconds after each move and the tournament lasts for 5 whole hours! Here is the tournament:

Hi everyone... I'm trying to improve by tournament play by playing longer games.

Hello everyone! I have a couple reminders in this message. The first one is about our next tournament! It will be at 11AM PST on Saturday the 2nd. of February. I'm predicting this will be our biggest event yet! It will be a G/30+10 and will run over 6 hours. Here is the link to the tournament:

Secondly, I have updated our leaderboard:
You now only have to play 2 games in a tournament to be eligible for 'Win Rate Points' (see 'How to get Points' for more info).

And thirdly, if you haven't noticed already I am creating a forum where you can say where your from. This will help me decide on a time for our tournaments. For example, if everyone is from Sweden then a lot of our tournaments would be at a time convenient for people in Sweden. Here is the forum:

Thanks for reading:
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