IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

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There's about 24 hours until our tournament so you haven't already join here:

We'll most likely get more participants this time because the tournament goes for longer. You don't have to play for the whole tournament if you join. Also, if you join now you won't have to worry about forfeiting games, it only begins your game once your on the tournament page. It is a G/30+30 and it goes for 5 hours. Hope to see you there!

Hi. I don't think I'll be able to join the tournament. It's too late for me. Maybe I can play one hour, but I'm not sure.

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Hey everyone I have two messages. The first is in regard to a leaderboard. During the tournament we came up with a new idea; a leaderboard. Let me know what you guys think. Here is a rough idea of what it may look like:
Currently I am winning the Tournament Placing Points leaderboard and @darac7 is winning the other two!

The second message is our next tournament. Our next tournament will be on Monday at 4:00AM PST. I most likely won't be able to play. The time control will be G/20+10 and it will go for 4 hours. I'll allow players to beserk since these tournaments are now going towards the leaderboard but most of us are just trying to get better so it's not all about winning! Here is the link to the tournament, you can preregister here:

Hey guys the chess tournament is coming up. It is in 34 hours of writing this comment. I most likely won't be there but I just might be able to get in one game! It is a G/20+10 and it goes for 4 hours. Beserking is allowed.

Also, what do you guys think of the leaderboard, please, feedback is appreciated! Is it a good idea, does it need more details, or should there be no 'competition' but just 'learning'? I really would love for some people to just say whether they like it or not :)

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