IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Hi all and happy New Year. Congratulations to all participants in the previous match.

I just wanted to clarify the difficulty that the European players confront with regard to the attendance to the games due to the Eastern European Time Zone.

And of course, this is not a complaint, but an "apology", because regardless my will, i definetely can not participate actively.

Kind Regards,

@Kapilaw so the times I've made so far haven't worked for you? That's no big deal, normally when it's inconvenient for me it's good for everyone else so the next one I'll make it when I'm unavailable.

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Hey guys I tried to create it again and it worked so here is the tournament at 22:00 PST Tuesday 8:

Thanks, hope to see you there!

Sometime Later at or past 5:00 pm PST (01:00 UTC) would work well for most in the United States (excluding AK & HI) given the typical work day ends at that time to 3 hours before so most should be off school/work. Not sure what works best for those in Europe or other time zones though.

Okay @camcam52 well we just did one at 4PM and this one is at 10PM so that will probably have to wait. I imagine the next one will be shifted another 6 hours so probably 4AM or something but I'll keep that in mind!