IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Hmm I don't know why it still says abundance-of-pieces is the last one who commented on the forum on the SCU homepage but thanks to the 19 people who commented. Still waiting on about half of the group though, I'll try to get them to comment, for the next few days we probably won't get any more members, I'm at a chess tournament and I won't get back till the first of January. Once again thanks everyone, I'll send one final reminder for our tournament as soon as I return if I'm not too tired :D

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Hello guys this is the final reminder for our tournament tomorrow:
The tournament is a G/30+10 time control, it goes for 2 hours I believe, maybe 3, and it is on the 2nd of January at 16:00 PST. Here is the link to the arena:

By the way we have a member in this group who is going to stream the event (providing everything goes swell) @nikestale . Here is the link to his twitch channel:

Hope to see you there!

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The tournament has started!

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The tournament was a success, even though there were only 6 games I didn't expect too much since I wasn't organised very well. Thanks to all that participated, patricularly @quicksand79 and @darac7 who I think were there the whole time, or at least they both played 3 games. My internet went down half way through the tournament unforunately. Of course I know everyone couldn't make it but that's fine because here's the next one!

Our next one will be at 22:00 PST on Tuesday the 8th. I'll make this one go for 4 hours. Since it's a long one I'll increase the time control to G/30+30. However I'm having troubles creating a custom start date so I created a forum expressing it. If it doesn't get fixed by then I will create the tournament 60 minutes before the start (maximum) so you can get on and preregister but until then all I can do is pray.

Also, not sure what happened with @NikeStale and his stream but oh well. We also got two new members from it which is great!

I assume the reason why I have trouble with the custom start date is due to a New Year new calendar.