IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Ok guys next tournament is at 10AM PST on Saturday, G/20+10, no beserk, rated. Here it is:
Make sure to preregister, hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading:
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Hi @ChEsSmAgEdDoN

I have a question about preregistering to a tournament.

If I register now and do not participate because I'm offline, does that affect my rating? Or the pairing is only between online players?

Thanks and best regards.

@karatugo thanks for the question. If you preregister and are not online when the tournament begins, lichess DOES NOT pair you with someone, so you won't lose by forfeit. The good thing about preregistering is when the tournament does begin and your on lichess it will show you in the top-left of your screen that the tournament his ongoing.

Ok guys so it seems the time we did our last tournament wasn't very good for a lot of people. Interesting. This time I'm going to host it at our standard time. Will let you guys know the full details later on today or tomorrow!