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  3. IMPORTANT - Where I will post tournament announcements in future

Hello everyone this is super important. So, apparently when I write down the list of members in a message you guys don't get notified. You ONLY get notified once you have POSTED something in that forum. So, let's say I post something in a forum and someone replies with @ChEsSmAgEdDoN in their message, I will be notified with a message saying "This person mentioned you in this forum" but if I never posted anything in a particular forum and someone makes a message with @ChEsSmAgEdDoN I won't be notified.

So I'm pretty sure you won't get any notifications about tournament dates until you post something in this forum.

Can every member who has no yet post something, preferably just something small, like "hi" so that you will get a notification when I post the details for our tournaments?

Sounds good thanks

Thanks for the info. :)

Hello and Merry Christmas.

Hello chess players!

Lets go


Merry christmas to everyone! Hope you're havin' a great day! :)



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