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  1.  Scratch Lichess Team
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  3. Hello everyone! Brainstorming ideas for Scratch game that's chess-related

Hello esteemed scratchers!

As I have already told @FunnyAnimatorJimTV, I want to create a chess game on scratch. Features would include:

1) King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn "levels".

2) You can "promote" from level to level and get:

2a) New "studies" (5-10 slideshows that teach opening, middlegame, tactical, endgame, strategical, and advanced play.

2b) Five interactive puzzles

2c) A new set of exquisite pieces and a board (can be changed in settings)

2d) A new grandmaster game with analysis by other scratchers (I'll mention this later)...

3) Another feature will be you can import games and save the PGN.

Now, how can you help?

1) I have most of the programming done, but here's how you can help:

2) Help me find GM/IM/Other titled player games for each level. The Pawn game should have bad play (maybe a blitz game?) the King game should have awesome play. I've actually already gotten the Pawn and King games, (Me an International Master whom I beat!!! in 10+0, and Levon Aronian vs Magnus Carlsen, 2017, 1-0.)

3. Water_Flame and FunnyAnimatorJimTV, once the games are selected, maybe you can help me by analyzing the games and sending your analysis to me?

4. Help me by designing pieces and boards in Scratch, I'll use a few!

Thanks everyone!


? Why is nobody here ?


Oh Hi

Once you select the games, yeah, I can try to analyze them :D


Looks good (keep me informed s'il vous plait)


That's a great idea! Probably would be quite difficult, I think we fellow scratchers should be able to help you on it, as a collaborative effort.

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