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Our Forum threads kind of died, so i thought i'd maybe start a new one. If you want to i can start with a nice game of mine, i good two good ones in my history :D
Other than that: Johnson, you started playing french, so...what stopped you from playing
1. e4 e6
2. d4 d5
3. Sd2
I need a good line, i am currently not very happy with it.

Because every Black Player has his own variation against Sd2..its a vast tree of variations and ideas imo..some too dangerous and sharp to lighheaded play into them as White..In the Exchange nobody is really prepared cause they are told its harmless and drawish :)

Wait, who sais stuff like that about my favorite french line? (Ò_Ó)
Hmmm, ok, i guess ill have to do some work myself :( but im lazy and bad at openings :D

Yes..nice..saw the Mate in 1, wich appears in one line, late, but i saw it :) How to get those Position is the real question :)

the queen takes mate? , also missed that won at first clance. :)

Can someone recommend a good book about the Caro-Kann defense? Lately I have been struggling a little bit with black against e4.

I am not the right person for books, but if you want to i can ask Patrick later today. Other than that...i think JohnsonBronson borrowed a book from Patrick about it (?)


5-0 score agains Patrick in Blitzgames! Best Caro-Kann line there is!

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