Quarantine leagues FAQ English - frequently asked questions

FAQ about the Quarantine Lichess tournaments

How do I register my team for the quarantine team battles? At least 5 players per team are guaranteed to be required for registration. Please contact Jeffforever directly with the following information:
1) Exact team name or link to the team
2) At what point the team would like to start

The team will then be admitted to the league. The team then receives a tournament link with which it can invite its players. Additionally you can see in the team itself under the menu item "Tournaments", as soon as you have been assigned, when and in which league you play exactly.

Can each team compete with any number of players?
Yes, every team can compete with any number of players.

Do you only play against other teams, or also against players from your own team?
No. We only play against the other teams, so players from your own team cannot be paired against each other.

When do I move up or down and after how many matchdays?
On each matchday, teams move up and down (top 3 move up, teams 4-7 stay the same, teams 8-10 move down (if necessary, the teams also stay in the lowest league - see photo below for promotion and relegation rules)
Will I be notified of the tournament start when I am online?
You will be notified when the tournament starts. It is therefore possible to play in another tab while waiting.

Are the games scored?
Quarantine Team Battles are always rated and will therefore affect the Lightning rating on Lichess.

How are the tournament points calculated?
Basically there are 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a defeat. If you win two games in a row, you start a series with doubled points (represented by a flame symbol). For the following games you will receive double points until you do not win a game. This means that you get four points for a win, two for a draw and no points for a defeat. Example: Two wins followed by a draw are worth 6 points: 2 + 2 + (2 x 1)

What is the Berserk mode?
When a player presses the "Berserk" button at the bottom right of the board window at the start of the game, he loses half his time on the clock, but a win is rewarded with an additional tournament point. In an incremental time mode, "Berserk" removes the increment. The extra point for "Beserk" is only awarded if you have made at least seven moves in the game.

How long will the quarantine league exist/when will it stop?
The quarantine league is planned to continue even after the quarantine period is over, so there is no end in sight.

Tournament notes
1) Only after joining the team can one participate in the team fights
2) Number of participants per team is unlimited, at least the 5 best results per team count - see scale above). We only play against players from other teams
3) Cancellation and withdrawal from the tournament is possible before and during the tournament (re-entry, short breaks e.g.)
4) By the way, if you are already registered, you do not risk any rating points (if you are offline, you will not be drawn)
5) 3 teams are currently always promoted, 4 stay the same, 3 may be relegated (one enters in the lowest league)

Do I have to play the whole 2h in the tournament, or can I join later or take a break?
Players can register at any time before the tournament starts, unregister and click on "Pause" during the tournament, then you will temporarily not be drawn, and can click on "Join" again at any time - this can be done several times, so you can take a break.

Organization team as well as discussion and info forum of German teams tournaments

Can everyone form a team, or just clubs? Anyone can create a team on Lichess, no matter if it's with your own club, with family, friends or players from different clubs

How can I join a team?
1) On the page, search for the corresponding team in the upper right corner
2) Click on the team
3) Join the team. For some teams you are automatically accepted, for other teams the team founder must confirm the members. Each team can decide this for itself.
How can I create a lichess team myself?

How is the winner determined?
The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will be announced as the winner after the time limit has expired.

How are the tournament pairings allocated?
At the beginning of the tournament, players are allocated based on the scoring number. Once you have finished a game, you can return to the tournament overview. You will then be assigned a player of similar rank. This will give you a short waiting period, but you may not be able to play against all the other players in the tournament. Play fast and return to the tournament overview to play more games and score higher.

A player is cheating, deliberately downgrading his number or insulting others in chat, what can I do about it?
Please report the player directly to and Lichess will investigate. Once a player is banned by Lichess, please inform

How do I invite my team to the tournaments?
The most effective way to invite your team is to use the "Private Message to All" invitation method in the team menu. The team captain of each team can use this feature to send a private message in Lichess to all of their members at once.

On the team page you can also see all group members in the left column. It is best to copy the names there. Afterwards post the tournament link in the team forum on Lichess, where they can play, and all link with @ in front. Example: @jeffforever - so the player "jeffforever" gets a notification on Lichess about the mention. So you can reach everyone directly via Lichess.

I or a player from my club has a title (CM/FM/IM/GM/WCM/WFM/WIM/WGM), how can I have it verified on &

History of finished tournaments:
Perpetual quarantine Bundesliga table: table/

I am trying to join the tournament but I get an error message - why?
1) A minimum of 5 rated Blitz games is required in each tournament. This is to prevent players from entering with significantly over or under-rated games, and to prevent cheaters from creating new accounts and manipulating tournaments more easily.
2) Possibly Lichess is of the opinion that your account is "related to the use of chess software" - this is then also stated in your own profile. In this case please contact Lichess directly via - also in case of suspicion of cheating, insults in the chat and the like - please do not contact Jeffforever in the chat or tournament chat - only Lichess can directly change something here.

When does the tournament end?
During the tournament the time will be counted down. When it reaches zero, the leaderboard will be frozen and the winner will be announced. Ongoing games must be stopped, but will no longer count towards the tournament.

What other rules do I have to follow?
There is a countdown for your first move. If you do not draw within this time, the victory will be awarded to your opponent. If you draw within the first 10 moves, no points are awarded to any player.

As a large team, can we report a second team for players of different skill levels?
Update 01. June 2020: Yes, several teams in different leagues can participate.
Hi id like to sign up.I got 3 teams.For links im sending in inbox.Pls join if u can
Corrections to avoid misunderstandings:
- Lightning should mean Blitz rating
- 4) By the way, if you are already registered, you do not risk any rating points (if you are offline, you will not be paired)
- If you do not move (instead of draw) within this time, the victory will be awarded to your opponent.
I will like to register national team of Romania
we can participate in this competition at any time(ultrabullet, bullet, blitz, rapid, slow or classic)
we have at least 10 players ready to play in any Battle Arena.

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