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Hey everyone,

After three awesome Revival of RK arenas, we would like to invite you the fourth and the fifth one. I hope that you will join in big number, so we convinced the moderators that racing kings is not a dead variant and that it deserves to have official tournament just like the other variant:

Here are the first three ones:


And he are the next one's coming:



People would been complaining about the daily's being too late. So, we are organizing a RK tournament each day. Remember, the more people join, the more fun it is! To conclude, I hope to see you all there.

As with @FalconPower, I would like to create a RK Revival 6 on Saturday 10 AM, with that one being (infamously) known for speedy rating gainers. Also where I call myself the Flash.

Join here to make the Racing Kings community outstanding! Catch me if u can here!

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