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  3. New players that artificially create other accounts

No worry about it if you really enjoy playing no matter points or rating just fun

@pablito1970 Just think about it.How much fun can you ever get while playing against cheaters?

Yes indeed,this variant is fun but cheaters ruined some of the fun of racing kings variant.

In racing kings, in two days, four players, (a 2600, a 2400, a 2200 and a 1900 rated) got banned for this reason.

who were the 2600 and the 2400s?

@V2chess I direct messaged you in order not to get banned for public shamming.

What happened to streami? Was he banned during the rk shield?

Yes,he is banned and I got a refund: 7 racing kings rating points.

Me too: 9 rk points

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