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  3. New players that artificially create other accounts

Look at this... People who play 15-30 games and are already at top 10. Its not really fair to other people.

Other people work hard to get the rating they deserve

Yea, i hate the way the system is set up. They definitely need to change it.

But if you asked them they'll just say, it's fair if you can do it too.

@chrst53650 That's the point! The rating system is flawed! People Like Ivan_Groznyy, Personal Universe, and Makedonium simply play a couple games and they're high in the leaderboard! Talking to mods probably won't help, and talking to the people who artificially boost rating would say, "Oh, We can do it if other guys can!"

I've seen all those people, it makes me mad. But what can we do about it?

Report to mods, tell the boosters that doing this is wrong. Wait till they're banned. Pretty much thats it.

@chesslo21 It is not enough to just say that they simply boost their ratings.Send their games and explain what happened there.In my opinion,most of rating boosters are banned now.

@risky-chess Not Really... Some rating boosters can be more resourceful and create new accounts once they are banned or before they are banned. They can proclaim perfect games to be "Their well-played ones without engine". Or they can be clever and purposely lose to make them look like they dont have perfect records.
Personal-Universe is a good example. Remember edward1970 (Whatever his name was)? Got banned for playing 1 game every, I don't know, month and retaining his 2400 rating? Personal Universe only plays 1 game per long period of time (2 months this time). He clearly deserves to be banned. He doesn't use engine against players much lower rated than him. Falcon even mentioned that he is the same account name as Raxing, an account that was banned after playing around 30 games that were perfect.
The website here is what I'm referring to.

Rating boosting clearly needs to be stopped in other words.

Today, two players got banned for this reason. I won't say their name, in order not to get banned for public shamming. I will give you a hint. One of them got up to a 2600 rating in racing kings by playing only against the same person. The two people involved got banned. I think if we eliminate these kind of players, racing kings would become a fresh variant, with lots of joy playing it. Also, we seriously need to do something about players like Personal-Universe. Why is he allowed to be #1 by playing against a 1500? provisional rated player once a month. And please, do not even try to say you: You can do the same thing. You know why I do not do that. I will tell. If everybody started doing this, EVERY CHESS VARIANTS WOULD BE DEAD. The current top 10 of racing kings is one of the worst there is right now.

@Chesslo21 The only people deserving their place in the top 10 are you and a_47. The rest of them, disappear after one single game.

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