We're going to start!

Dear Lichess players,

It is only two months ago that me and fellow tournament director @RacingKingsKing started organising the 2019 Racing Kings World Cup ( We were honoured to be trusted with such an important task and did everything we could to make this second edition a great success. Despite the fact that the RKWC is slightly behind on schedule, steady progress is still being made and we have good hopes of properly completing it as well.

In fact, the success of the RKWC inspired us to continue working on new great community projects in the future as well. The World Cup only lasts for 2-3 months each year, leaving most of the year empty. The regular Monthly Arenas, Shields or even the RKK fans cup ( are a lot of fun, but only satisfy a small part of our desire to play RK. To compensate for the constant lack of good RK tournaments in the lobby, and in order to provide an ever-lasting source of high-level matches and entertainment, we now present a major event that is here to stay: the Racing Kings 1+0 Bullet League!

The idea is simple: when signing up, you are seeded in one of the 8-player-strong round robin leagues (starting at the second league and downwards) based on your rating. Starting places in the highest League can be earned through winning one of 8 qualification tournaments that will be organised each day from August 19 to 26.
Once everyone is divided into their appropriate league, the first round starts on September 1 and lasts for the whole month. During that time, you can play matches of 10 1+0 games against each of the 7 other players in your league - but you aren't forced to. Just note that every match that you don't play results in a loss of possible points and thus slimmer chances to win your league. We think this is the perfect setup for our variant, since this way enthusiasm to play is rewarded and only the most fanatical players get a chance to fight for the RKBL title! At the end of the month, the round is closed and the standings are frozen. Then, the numbers one and two of each league promote to the tier above them and the numbers 7 and 8 relegate to the league below them and the new round starts immediately the next day.

Since we aim to provide a low-threshold way to play and have fun, participants can register or cancel their participation after every month. However, new participants start in the lowest league and have to work their way up to the top by themselves. Depending on how many people sign up, a theoretically endless amount of leagues will be created, each with their own moderator to make sure everything goes smoothly. If the player count rises throughout the months we will be sure to add new leagues along the way as well to keep everyone satisfied.

As for the rules, in case not specified in this or any other post we will mostly follow those from the Racing Kings World Cup. League or tournament moderators can always divert from them if they think that is necessary. We won't be taking them as strict though since we are all here to have fun in the first place :-)

Entries are opened until August 17, 18:00 UTC and registrations can be adressed to @RacingKingsKing or me, or can be written publicly in this thread (for example, by posting "RKBL I am in"). Be sure to sign up so you're on board for the biggest fast time control RK event the site has ever seen!

I don't wanna say but i will have to .... RKBL i m..i m in 🙄

The same rules as in the WC count, so yes you need an established rating, but you still have enough time to get the rating until the tournament starts.