Sondage/Survey Personnage préféré/favourite character

Hello ! Answer if you want to this new survey !
Who is your favourite HP character ? you can give several answers !
Have a good day and please be many to answer !!! and don't forget the Team Battle ! ;)

Bonjour ! Répondez si vous voulez au nouveau sondage !
qui est votre personnage préféré dans Harry Potter ? vous pouvez donner plusieurs réponses !!!
Bonne journée and svp soyez beaucoup à répondre !!!! et n'oubliez pas la Team Battle ! ;)

My favourites characters are Tonks, Sirius and Luna lovegood ! :)

Fred and George are my favorites characters !!!!!!

I like the actor of Rogue but my favourite character is Dobby ! :D

I hesitate between Hermione and Sirius

Nymphadora Tonks and Fred & George are my favourites characters !!!!!!!

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