Tihon will fight for World Championship in Minsk

Hey guys,

I found this video with some nice impressions from last year's event in Minsk:

I hope you enjoy. If someone can find Tihon on this video he wins 100 points, because I could not find him :D

Regards, Karrmarr

thanks karrmarr for this exciting news! good luck to tihon!!!!!

Hey guys,

Pepe is planning to do a stream about the event and especially about Tihon's games starting tomorrow (see time schedule in the original post). I will be guest commentator there.

Link to Pepe's twitch channel:

Hope to see you there as well :)


hey karrmarr, very nice. i'll try to drop by! have a good time and c u!

Good Luck Tihooooooooooooooooon! Thank you so much Great Karrmarr for sharing this amazing news ♥♥ I'm really so happy and wish we all see Tihon scoring very well and lead on the top ♥♥♥

hi karrmarr, thank you so much for your and pepe's stream! it was very instructive. i can't wait for games 5 to 9 :-))) c u later!