Tihon will fight for World Championship in Minsk

Hey guys!

Starting on Friday, August 16, our champ Tihon will fight for the World Championship in Blitz and Rapid 2019. The event will take place in Minsk (Belarus) and as far as I know, games will begin at 10:30am local time (9:30 am CEST, 3:30 am EDT).
The exact time schedule can be found here:

This time Tihon will start in the age category „Under 12“, thus he will probably be the youngest competitor there. However, because of his amazing FIDE ratings of 2211 in rapid and 2194 in blitz, he will still be seeded as number 1 in both tournaments.
Current results and standings will be published here:

LIVE coverage of the games:

As far as I know they have a certain amount of electronic boards there in Minsk and so I assume (and hope) that the top boards of each category will be covered live on popular sites like chess24 and chessbomb. I also of course hope that Tihon will always play on one of these top boards ;)

I will be on chess24 as well as chessbomb to watch all of his games which are covered. Especially on chessbomb there is a nice feature to have an extra chat for each game so I would like to invite you to come there so we can discuss Tihon’s games together as well as give him our moral support :)

Last year there also was a nice video coverage of the event, made by a youtube channel named „Chess Video Plus“. I am not sure if this will be done this year again, but I hope so. For getting „warmed up“ to this event, here is a video from last year covering one of Tihon’s games:

As soon as I have more links or more detailed information, I will post it in this thread. So make sure to visit here again to get latest updates :)

See you on chessbomb :)
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Great news, thanks for sharing :-)

I'll try to join the chat.
Maybe I can stream my coverage with comments, at least for the Rapid games. Or we can analyze the games afterward as well :-D

Hey Pepe :) Yes that would be awesome. Let's make this a big event for Tihon's Fan Community :)

Yeah watch and talk i like it.Karrmarr can you send the link for chessbomb?Best regards Tom :)

Yes of course Tom. I will post it here and I will send it to you also :)