Match with Mexican 🇲🇽 teams

Hi all,

I'm Angel Duran, I've been living in New Zealand for more than 4 years. As a Mexican, I know mexican chess players who are interested to play with other teams. They would like to have the experience of play against the NZ team.

What do you think? We can play on a Sunday or Saturday 2pm , so in Mexico the time is 9 pm. Which fits for all of us.

Would anyone be interested?


Hi Angel,
Sounds interesting - would this be a team arena, or a different format?

Yes, it could be in arena format. The Mexican team can get more than 20 players. So we don't need to wait so long between every game.

They suggested Sunday 2 pm NZ time if possible, on Saturdays NZ time they are playing a tournament already.


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