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For the March 30th tournament - I'm looking to do a fundraiser event where donations are split between Lichess and USChess. Details to come, but we hope to have guest titled players join us in the tournament!

Reminder folks - 3 0 tournament tonight at 7pm Central! Come have some fun!

Note - You have to sign up for the one that says "March 19th." that's the day I created the tournament... not today. My bad. :)

Monday night, 8pm. An hour and a half of 3 2 blitz. At least one IM will be joining us as a special guest!

We're asking that people donate to either Lichess or US Chess as part of this tournament. To even it out, if your last name begins with A-M, please consider make a donation to US Chess. If your last name begins with N-Z, please consider donating to Lichess.

If you do make a donation, please let me (John Hartmann) know.

US Chess donation link:
Lichess donation link:

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