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AcademicNinja99 - 0 games
GBA87 - 0 games
Trxps - 0 games
mzninja66 - 0 games
BlindfoldNinja - 0 games
JuniorZerks1 - 0 games
thekid456 - 0 games
Chess-Guy123 - 0 games
DaviatorYT - 0 games
blindlyzerking - 0 games
MariyaVininchuk - 0 games
risky-chess - 0 games
BerserkMan - 0 games
BerserkingEveryGame - 0 games
IWIllBerzerk - 0 games

The number of games at the end of each name is the number of games each competitor has berserked.

Note: If you fail to berserk a game, you will be removed from the list. (the equivalent of getting disqualified)

Add me too!

edit: we can play non-tournament games, right?

shoot im too late. am i too late tho? it is exactly july 1st. so is it possible for me to join?


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