Season 1 Final Standings

FINAL Standings:
@Titus369 - 132.5 points
@aerospasticmonkey - 72.5 points
@Matrix2404 - 42.5 points (u2150)
@savageruthless - 40 points (u2150)
@StuartMN08 - 30 points (u2150)
@pyaru536 - 25 points (u2150)
@snar - 17.5 points (u2150)
@usrnom - 10 points (u1700)

Congrats to @Titus369 for winning overall, @AerospasticMonkey for second, @Matrix2404 for top U2150, and @usrnom for top U1700! Thanks for playing this season. Next season will include a few changes including multiple time controls for different events. I hope you all enjoyed this!

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