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Not a lot of people voting for times. Maybe they will just join in the arenas. I think Saturday 10-11:30 works for me too

I like to continue playing such tournaments. Saturday works for me too.

Ok, so should we just set it to Saturday 10-11:30 CST guys?

Yeah i think I can make that time. Definitely agree with making the tournaments shorter.

I know I can’t play this Saturday cuz of otb but I think it’s a good time for everyone else and we can have it for multiple weeks with the same time if it works

yeah;) I don't think I can make it either actually, but it seems like everyone else likes that time. Maybe twice a week afterwards? So if we miss one, we can join the other Decided to switch up the time control a bit

We are also starting all of the features, including the points.
Number 1 gets 4 points
Number 2 gets 3 points
Number 3 gets 1 point

How long do you want the point season to be? Until when?

End of March?

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