Sicilian Defense 2. Ne2 rather than 2. Nf3
here is the link to that game:
Earlier today I queued a 15+15 game since no students has been challenging me for rapid or classical.
I played as black, after the move order 1. e4 c5 The Sicilian Defense which has been my favorite against e4, my opponent shocked me with 2. Ne2!? (instead of the more natural 2. Nf3)
I must admit, I don't knew much of the theory of this line since as far as I remember I don't have any system against this type of move order. Because if you routinely play d6 or nc6 or e6 here, you will face the move c4 from white channeling out the maroczy bind as fast as he could.
I remember a game of alpha zero where on the same position, on move 2 he chooses 2... Nf6 attacking the e4 pawn, so that's what I choose.
My opponent replied 3. g3? moving the same piece twice in the opening. After d6, my opponent now chooses c3!. Feel like my opponent is mixing plans, now he is going for the delayed alapin. Here is where I really focused much. I asked myself, what is the problem if I allow him to play d4.
1. Well if I allow him to play d4, he will obtain a good center (e4 d4 structure) - therefore I cannot allow him.
2. How can I stop him from playing d4? What are my candidate moves?
Candidate move number 1. Nc6 / e5
If I played Nc6, what is his best reply? BB5 pinning the c6 knight.
If I played e5, BB5+ Nc6 then d3 is perfect for white. He can think it as ruy lopez and slowly expand on the center.

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