March 2020 Students forum

Welcome to the March 2020 Students forum!
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Let's start with these old school approach
Please introduce yourself and your chess experience.
I am your teacher, Rommel Bueno from Philippines
29 years old and a non master with fide rating of 1990
I was playing chess since I was 8 years old.

I am Vishal Sharma from India. I am currently a university student doing my masters in mathematics and computer sciences from one of the best colleges of my country. I have started playing chess when I was 13, my dad taught me then I played for straight 6 years before leaving chess due to acedemics pressure and now again I have started playing from past 6 months on different platforms and otb with friends too. I am an amateur player who plays just for fun. I have read some openings and watch chess videos on you tube especially from agadmator, helps a lot. But I have never studied mid or end games. Just learning with a positive mindset. Here to improve with the help of my mentor who is very motivating and encouraging.

My name is Steve, I'm 38 years old, and I only learned how to play chess around 1 year ago, but I've been absolutely obsessed with it ever since! I've participated in 3 FIDE-rated tournaments, playing a total of 9 games. I lost 7, drew 1, and won 1. Lot's of room for improvement.

I am Jason Lim from Malaysia, 14 years old only, I know the rules of chess since I was 7 years old, but started playing more last year. I am an amateur, always looking for ways to improve my chess, so I participate in this class.

I'm Waldek from Poland. I'm 43 year old. I learned how to play chess from books 25 years ago. I played chess with my children but stopped play when my children grew up. I retry started playing in October 2019. I always want develop in many aspects my life and now I develop in chess game because chess is beautiful and creative game.

Im Pendru from France 21 years old , i started to play chess end of 2015 and being addicted to it till back since.

Hello you guys, I'm Justin from Zambia. Much like Vishal, I was taught by my dad when I was a kid. I stopped playing at 13 after he passed, rarely playing OTB in school.

Funny story is when I came to rediscover chess in 2018, about the same time I joined Lichess, was when I learned that there are such things as Chess Servers, Chess Tournaments, and a World Chess Champion! I was so behind its embarrassing 😂😂😂

So now I play for fun, learning from streamed tournaments, from chess streamers like Eric Rosen, agadmator and a few others. I know 1 or 2 openings, my favourite being d4 and looking to learn some more, time allowing.