What do I do next?

Can someone explain the exact process of registering to me please?
I registered but didn't recieve an email.
Anyway when I logged in today I came to this league page and recieved a notification saying click link to complete registration. That link takes me to Slack lichess page but I cannot log in to the slack account I created on that page.

What am I missing?

Well, the rules state you need to have played 20 Classical games. Have you?

Oh, where does it say that, I thought that they stated you need a non provisional classic rating.
"To be eligible as a player, you must have a Lichess account with an established (non-provisional) classical rating."

It is indeed non-provisional, not 20 games. It used to be 20 games though when there was no distinction between rapid and classical games.
Anyway, please direct questions concerning your registration to

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