Too late to register for Season #14?

I submitted my request on Sep 17th but haven't heard back. Is it too late to join now? I'd also submitted a request for the LoneWolf Season #12. I have a non-provisional classical rating.

No it's not too late. Registration is still open for both leagues. If you have not been accepted into the leagues there maybe an issue with your registration that disqualifies you from participation in the 4545 or Lonewolf leagues.

ok thanks for responding - is there anyway to confirm what if any issue was there with my registration? I haven't gotten any communication in my email regarding this.

I also show up as a recent member of the league - it shows up on my profile page - does that mean I was approved but just haven't gotten my slack login details yet - or does this not have anything to do with the approval to participate which is a seperate process?

Indeed, approval to participate is a separate process.

ok thanks. So should I just assume that I was disqualified for some reason since I haven't heard back or is there is a chance that my application was missed or perhaps still under process? Do you notify someone if they are disqualified and the reason for it or only if someone is accepted?

There is a small chance the email went to my spam folder although I've been checking it there as well and I cannot find my login details through the slack website reset link either.

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