Hi, I registered, and it wrote me "To participate in the league, you need to link your Slack account. Send @chesster the message link and follow the instructions."
But on the Slack is a CLOSED group (can not be registered), the group leader can not be reached and can not contact @chesster on the Lichess4545 page. What should I do?

@ONB_Kyo Your registration is not approved yet so you haven't been given an invite to the slack team. One of the eligibility requirements is that you have a non-provisional classical rating. This is outlined in the rules you agreed to at your registration.

Once your classical rating is non-provisional a lichess4545 moderator will look to see if can approve your registration and send you a slack invitation.

Hello i registered for Saison `15 but i didnt get an e-mail. What is wrong?

Registration for season 15 is not open yet.

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